Dave Blake - Lead guitar

What s your favourite Floyd Song/Album
Love it all. Animals or Wish You Were Here.

Who in music inspires you?
David Gilmour for his tone and touch. Carlos Santana
for his spirituality. Peter Frampton for his hard work
and playing outside the box. Joe Walsh for his humour.

Musical influences
Obviously David Gilmour and Pink Floyd, Santana,
Supertramp, Black Sabbath, AC/DC & too many more…

What equipment do you use?
A self-confessed equipment junkie. I love playing my Fender Strats and Tele, PRS Custom 24 Artist, Ibanez EW 6 & 12 acoustics and Hofner Lap Steel. The infamous fridge sized rack is storage for the time being and I’m really enjoying using pedals again in front of a gorgeous Hiwatt Custom 50 amp. TC Electronic G-System IB. Two sexy custom made Tolerance Sound Revolvers (copies of Gilmours rotating Doppolas). Proud to endorse Top Tone pedals DG-1, DG-2 and Light Drive.

What s the best bit about being in the band?
To play with great musicians and be proud of band again. It's long history and to be back with Rick and Lee and even remember the night we named the band. Just!

What are you musical goals if any?
Just to carry on and enjoy playing for as long as possible. To keep improving both the show and as a musician and take what opportunities come my way as a result!

Do you play any other musical instruments?
I've a good ear and can play a tune on a few but still mastering the guitar.