Lee Blake - Keyboards

What s your favourite Floyd Song/Album
The Final Cut - thought provoking anti war album -
the beginning of the end.

Who in music inspires you?
Any musician true to their art. Often the most simple
songs can be the most emotive. Music for me should
be escapism!

Musical influences
Too diverse or perverse to list.

What equipment do you use?
Various synths/samplers from Kurzweil, Roland, Mac book pro running Pro Logic 9 & Main Stage.

What s the best bit about being in the band?
Hopefully to entertain an audience and take them to a far nicer place away from all the hum drum day to day s**t we all have to deal with - if only for a short while!

What are you musical goals if any?
After over 10 years in a musical wilderness, to be asked to reform/join the band once again has to be a major musical goal! Who would have thought? Certainly not me! Perfect Alibi are not the biggest Pink Floyd tribute but the music is honestly performed with a great passion and feel.
21 years of history and slowly coming back to life.

Do you play any other musical instruments?