Mark McNeill - Bass

What s your favourite Floyd Song/Album
Song: Money
Album: Wish You Were Here

Who in music inspires you?
Chris Squire, Geddy Lee, Tony Levin,
Mark King, Guy Pratt

Musical influences
Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Rush

What equipment do you use?
1978 Fender Jazz, Custom Fretless Bass,
Trace Elliot GP12SMK, Trace Elliot 4 x 10,
Boss GX700 Rack Effects, Korg DTR1000 Rack Tuner.

What s the best bit about being in the band?
Playing quality music with other quality musicians.

What are you musical goals if any?
Being in this band was one!
To continue to improve as a musician.

Do you play any other musical instruments?
Taylor Acoustic Guitar