The staging of a Perfect Alibi show takes many hours of hard work.
To all involved it is a labour of love and dedication.

Thanks are more than due to the following people...

ESP - Sound & Lighting
Dave McNaughton - Lasers / Projections / Roadie / Van Driver

Hilite Design (Dave's company)
Niklas Iliffe & Dave Blake - Web Design / Concept / Graphics / Art
Hamster Lasers & Visuals

Linda Broomfield - Bookings & Management
Steve & Sally Puddick - WMP Promotions
Bryan Kolupski - bk1 - Animations & kind permission of use
Keith Curtis - Photography
Nick Curtis - DVD / Video
Grimble Grumble & Dingle Dongle - Gnomes
Daisy - Pig (RIP now bacon)

To all of our long suffering families

And to all of you that follow us around
and give us the reason to continue...